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If you read any of the testimonials in testimonals section, you’ve seen we’re willing to go much farther than most companies to make sure you get what it is you REALLY want. We’re not here to just sell you car parts. Our ultimate objective is to get you all the way to what you really want your new part is installed properly, you don’t have to worry about, and you are enjoying it fully!

PROBLEM RESOLUTION : With even the best systems and all the necessary precautions taken, problems will still arise. We’re here for you whenever they do. Here are two examples:

If you need help finding a body shop or mechanic that has the right expertise for

installing a part, we’ll not only find them for you, but we’ll actually call and

interview them for you too, to make sure they’re properly qualified.

If you need to file a warranty claim with a manufacturer, we’ll handle that for you,

because we can do it faster and easier than you can, and this saves you time


SELECTION : We don’t carry everything, because frankly, a lot of auto parts are junk (see number 4 below), but we do have a large selection of the coolest, newest, best quality performance and style parts you will find anywhere. Click here to see for yourself
QUALITY : It’s as common as dirt in the performance and style auto parts industry you see the part on the website, it looks awesome, everyone says it’s awesome… and then it arrives and you open it, and you know right away… this is low-quality junk! NOT HERE. We ONLY carry the highest-quality manufactured parts, and we stand behind each of them 100%.
IF YOU SEE IT ON THE SITE, IT IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AND SHIPPING NOW : This ever happen to you? You get all excited after you find just the right part and you go through the whole process of purchasing it… and a few minutes, or even a day later, you get an email saying it’s out of stock. Because of our awesome technology, we have a live inventory feed from each of our manufacturers, and this means if you see it on the site, you can buy it and get it shipped NOW!

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